How to Turn an Ikea Lack Table into a Stylish Coffee Table Livingroom decor DIY Lazy Susan Japandi Bedside Table DIY Travertine Side Table How to create a a boho coffee table - Ikea Hack
Coffee Table

Coffee Table 10

Find the perfect coffee table for your home with our diverse range of sizes, styles, and materials.

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Livingroom decor

Welcome How nice of you to take a look. Want to see more of my interior design, diy and homestyling? Then check out my instagram account! Our living room is a peaceful oasis of natural tones. We find this very important because we are always busy and when we come...

DIY Lazy Susan Japandi Bedside Table

"Slow-living, at it's finest"! What I Used: • IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan • IKEA RÖDEBY x 2 Bamboo Armrest • IKEA 9cm FÖRENLIG Plant Pot x 3 • ‘Fix all’ to bond (already had) • Dark Oak Wood Stain (Already had) Total Cost: £35 IKEA’s Snudda Lazy Susan...

DIY Travertine Side Table

Natural stone like Marble, Travertine and Limestone is a timeless and sophisticated material used for tiling and furniture. Both beautiful and durable, it's perfect in any home.   All you need is: • Tumbled Travertine tiles x3 from @toppstiles Size:  60x40 cm • ‘Fix all’ from @soudal_group_ • Clear gloss for...

DIY Low Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a staple of any living room, but sometimes the standard height just doesn't cut it. That's where a low coffee table comes in handy. In this guide, we'll show you how to make your very own low coffee table with just...

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