DIY Freestanding Headboard DIY wooden headboard DIY Concrete Bench Top Livingroom decor DIY Lazy Susan Japandi Bedside Table

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DIY Freestanding Headboard

I hope you really enjoy this DIY, we really thought of all the possibilities of moving home or even moving rooms, I designed this headboard so that it can be moved around and also renter friendly too. So I really wanted to design a bedhead that was aesthetically pleasing and...

DIY wooden headboard

This DIY is SO simple yet so stylish! I wanted a headboard in dark wood for our bed and when I found this beautiful countertop at IKEA an idea was born. One of the best things about this DIY headboard - apart from its beauty - is that it is...

DIY Concrete Bench Top

We really wanted an organic natural Concrete top that lasted for many years to come, however, we didn't really have the budget to pay someone to do it for us, so we set out too giving it a try ourselves. A Step by Step Guide Here's...

Livingroom decor

Welcome How nice of you to take a look. Want to see more of my interior design, diy and homestyling? Then check out my instagram account! Our living room is a peaceful oasis of natural tones. We find this very important because we are always busy and when we come...

DIY Lazy Susan Japandi Bedside Table

"Slow-living, at it's finest"! What I Used: • IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan • IKEA RÖDEBY x 2 Bamboo Armrest • IKEA 9cm FÖRENLIG Plant Pot x 3 • ‘Fix all’ to bond (already had) • Dark Oak Wood Stain (Already had) Total Cost: £35 IKEA’s Snudda Lazy Susan...

5 Essential Furniture Flipping Tools You Need!

When I started furniture flipping 2 years ago, I started with a simple collection of DIY tools that I already had lying around at home. Over the course of the 2 years, I have started to build up my DIY tool collection. But fear not! You don’t need to...

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