You know when you've found a couple of chairs in a thrift shop / second hand and you just feel like they're not IT, but you would love to bring them to life once again? I felt like that with these chairs! The steps of this DIY project can be applied to chairs of different types - follow along!


  • Old chairs to flip
  • A small foam mattress (I used 70x190 cm for 2 chairs)
  • Teddy blanket or teddy fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Black spray paint
  • Spray glue
  • Needle and thread
  • Box cutter knife


  1. Remove the base/legs and spray paint them black

2. Re-assemble the chairs once dry

3. Cut the mattress/foam in a size matching the chair and attach the foam to the seat with spray glue

4. Cut the foam into desired shape with a box cutter knife

5. Fasten the teddy fabric onto the chairs using a staple gun. Cut off excess fabric while you are working to make room for the legs and for shaping the fabric around the chair.

6. Staple onto the bottom and back of the chair, leaving a hole on the back (may not be necessary depending on how the chair looks, but this was the easiest approach on these chairs). Then place another piece of fabric to cover the hole on the back of the chair. Fasten it underneath with staples.

7. Use needle and thread to sew the smaller piece of fabric together with the rest of the fabric, with small stitches, making the edges invisible.


Of course, the approach to thrift flipping a couple of chairs will look different depending on the look of the chairs, but hopefully this project can give you some inspiration for your next project!

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