In our home we love making use of those awkward corners and nooks. Shelving can be a perfect way to add some interest into these otherwise dull spaces, and a great way to show off all your favourite accessories...

Firstly add some artwork and don't be afraid to be bold or choose something that you love, this creates a great focal point for the shelves. We opted for two separate pieces here at varied heights trying to stay away from being symmetrical.  

We then add in some of our favourite books and magazines. placing some laying down as this creates a base for other accessories later and breaks up the blank space.

When adding in accessories keep them in 3's avoiding objects of similar heights and apperance and dont overcrowd.

We like to mix in items of different textures and finishes, this means everything can stand out in its place and not all blend together.

Last but not least.. candles! They fill in the space perfectly and again add another height so your eyes are drawn to each individual item 🖤

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