Custom cabinetry can cost an arm and a leg, especially if you want bespoke detailing.

In our home office, we knew that we wanted floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with cupboards for storage. But having something like that custom-made by joiners was going to cost us thousands.

We instead ended up choosing IKEA Billy bookcases and implemented three specific 'hacks' to create the perfect bespoke set up for our space.

  1. Trim the top extension units so that they fit perfectly against your ceiling. If you have cornicing, you may need to cut these using a multi tool. We trimmed approx 20mm from the bottom of the extender.
  2. Use push-catches to keep the cupboards looking seamless. This makes it look more expensive, and keeps the look streamlined.
  3. Insert a bespoke backing into some of the sections. We used a 25mm batten panel/sheet which we painted black and cut to size in three of the shelving sections - the asymmetry also makes it more visually interesting. These were secured to the back with adhesive velcro strips so that if we want to change the look down the track, we haven't damaged the bookcase.

What we used:
3 x IKEA Billy bookcases (black oak)
6 x IKEA Billy extension units (black oak)
6 x IKEA Oxberg doors (black oak)

6 x Hafele Push catches
1 x Surround by Laminex panel (900 x 1200mm, 25mm batten)
Tools etc.: drill, flat head screwdriver, circular saw, black paint sample pot (Dulux Night Sky), velcro adhesive strips

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