This DIY is SO simple yet so stylish! I wanted a headboard in dark wood for our bed and when I found this beautiful countertop at IKEA an idea was born.

One of the best things about this DIY headboard - apart from its beauty - is that it is so easy to clean. Since it's made of a countertop, you can clean it like you would clean the countertop in your kitchen, no matter if it's with cleaning products or a wet cloth.

We have a very tall bed, so we used 2 countertops, and in our case the joint is therefore covered by the bed. If you have a lower bed, feel free to use only one countertop and either place it directly on the floor or elevate it with DIY "legs". You can make the legs yourself by using pieces of wood that match the thickness of the countertop (2,8 cm).


  • 2 x "EKBACKEN" countertop (186 cm, IKEA)
  • Strong glue (I used "No More Nails")
  • Thin strip of wood (if desired)
  • LED light strip (if desired)


  1. Using strong glue, attach one countertop to the other along the longest side. (The two countertops will later stand on top of each other against the wall)
  2. If desired, attach a strip of wood to the back of the countertop to support it against the wall. This is mainly important if you have thick floor molding, in that case you want a strip of wood matching the thickness of the floor molding, since this allows the headboard to stand straight against the wall (see picture).
Photographed from the side showing how the headboard is supported against the wall. From left to right in photo: Headboard, wood strip, wall.

3. If desired, place a LED light strip along the wood strip to give the headboard a built-in lighting effect.

4. Place your new headboard between the bed and the wall.

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