I’m a huge fan of H&M Home and only wish there was an actual store near us. As there isn’t, I do all my shopping via their app, which means the odd purchase arrives with different dimensions or details to those in my mind (I should add this is all down to me not reading the description properly rather than them being listed incorrectly), but H&M have a great returns process so it’s not an issue.

I've done quite a bit of shopping lately so thought it might be useful to round up my top buys to save you time on your next trip to the store, or scroll through the app.

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Here are my top 10 recent H&M buys

Just click the image of the title of each product to shop.

  1. Small wooden chopping board £12.99

I’m such a fan of these chopping boards as they are small, stylish and super handy. They come in various sizes so are great for standing in front of each other to add depth when shelf styling. They are easy to stain if the hue isn’t quite what you’re looking for, just a light sand and they take an application of stain really well.

2. Small wooden chopping board - £6.99

Similar to the board above, just a smaller size. Great for use in the kitchen or for keeping with the ‘just for display’ chopping boards that go down so well with unsuspecting spouses who go to use them for their actual purpose and get told off!

3. Canvas table runner - £12.99

This table runner is really versatile and would work well for all seasonal table styling due to its neutral colour. It has a slightly ruffled edge and the material texture is like a canvass-linen style. It’s smart enough to use for a formal dinner but also works well for more relaxed styling, especially if left in a slightly creased condition. Great value at under £15.

4. Glass vase £10

This vase was on offer when I bought it, so it only cost £10, which was a total bargain and I love seeing it in my IKEA hack built-in shelves. I was looking for earthy colours and interesting textures so the shiny glass-like surface was great as I don’t have anything similar and the colour complimented the neutral paint colours and made the vase stand out nicely. An all-round success.

5. Bauhaus Blue Poster - £13.99

You can see this print in the above shelves on the right-hand side. I bought it a frame from Hobbycraft and it looks much more expensive than the £13 it cost. Highly recommended. I also bought the orange one from the same series (see below).

6. Orange Bauhaus Poster - £13.99

Another brilliant bargain that you can make look more expensive by adding a frame and a brass picture light. If you don’t want the hassle and expense of a hardwired picture light then consider investing in a battery-powered one like this one from Amazon.

7. Cork-lid scented candle - £3.99

These candles look great and I was pleasantly surprised with both the scent and how strong it was. I don’t have a lot of luck with scented candles and find they often fade or aren’t very strongly fragranced so when you burn them, it’s a bit underwhelming but these were better than expected and an absolute steal at £3.99 each. I bought the green and black ones and both are good.

8. Small stoneware vase - £8.99

This is a fab little textured vase. I wanted something small enough to fit on my ledge shelf above the kitchen worktop, so its shallow depth was ideal. It would look good styled with larger vases to provide height variation and the texture is really interesting. It was a brilliant bargain, especially as the slightly unusual shape makes it look more expensive.

9. Metal wall lamp - £42

This is such a handy wall lamp as it has a plug, making it so easy to fit into most rooms. The lead is long enough that it doesn’t need to be right on top of the plug socket which is also handy. It was easy to fit and secure on the wall once in place, essential with the swing-arm feature that means you’ll likely be moving the lamp about to suit your needs. It's great as a reading light in the evening and definitely a very practical purchase as well as looking great too. It was on for a higher price for a while, but I was happy to see that it’d dropped back down to the price point I bought it at last year, a much more affordable £42.

10. Mango wood chopping board - £22.99

I was very happy to see this darker-style mango wood popping up in a few products as it has a much more high-end feel than the more orange-hued alternatives, in my opinion. The shape of this lovely board is more akin to those expensive hand-crafted ones and the only downside was at £22.99 it was more pricey than the super cheap alternatives. That said, £22.99 for a beautiful (large) chopping board is still good value and I felt it was worth the price.

11. Glass dome - £9.99

I’m a fan of these glass domes or cloches as I think they are also known because they prevent candles that don’t have lids from collecting dust, which can spoil the look and also be a pain in the neck when you come to burn them. They add height and interest and can be used to style decorative seasonal items like painted fir cones or dried orange slices as well as housing candles. This one comes in at a great price, and I’d definitely recommend it.

12. Wooden tray - £3.99

These little square wooden trays are cute - fact! They are also super handy for styling coffee tables and bedside tables as they aren’t too large or overbearing. I’ve been using mine for pine cones, cinnamon sticks and faux berries.
At £3.99 they are a total no-brainer! But I am going through a big phase of loving natural wood and darker tones to break up the expanses of off-white microcement that currently fills my house!


These are the items in my saved folder that I’d love to buy but haven’t yet found a place (or funds!) for them. Sharing here in case of interest to anyone…

Washed linen tablecloth

I love a linen tablecloth for relaxed but considered table styling. The natural material looks even more gorgeous a bit creased (luckily for iron dodger like me!) and pairs really well with natural wood and stoneware crockery.

Linen cushion cover

Continuing the linen obsession, these cushion covers are pretty and practical as well as a good price - a triple threat!

Textured-weave wool-blend rug

I’ve spent many an evening scrolling through the H&M app and always hover a while over this lovely rug. I’d really love to put one in our front room, as I love the colour and texture, but I know in reality in our house, it’d be chocca full of lego pieces and snack crumbs in about ten minutes! Alas, this is one for the future when my housemates have become a bit more housetrained!

Sturdy jute rug

This is a rug that would actually fit well into our messy and slightly chaotic family life. It’s a bit more hardwearing and practical than the beautiful wool-blend alternative above and is really well-priced too. I love that the description calls it sturdy - as this is a pre-requisite for survival in our house!

Large terracotta vase

This vase is big and bold with main character vibes all the way! It’s cheaper than vases of the same size from other retailers but is still enough of an investment to demand some consideration. I love it and it’s definitely going on my birthday list!

Round jute table mat

Ok, so it’s not just linen I’m obsessed with, it’s also jute, apparently! There’s something about a tablescape composed of natural materials and chunky texture that just feels more appealing, throw in lots of beautiful fresh foliage and some flowers and I’m in heaven.

Metal side table

This table wins points for shape, size and colour. I love the green and the triangular shape top is great. It’s a great size to move around when you have guests and need emergency side tables for the emergency chairs!

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