Box of Bauwerk limewash paint being unwrapped

Limewash paint tester cards stuck to an interior wall

This year, I'm giving the downstairs of our house a complete overhaul, you can read more on that here... I've already updated our IKEA hack built-in shelves (read how I made them here) to become a DIY home office (read how I did that one here) and the next stage of the plan involved painting the whole area (three rooms in open plan layout) the same to make it flow better. I decided to that limewash would be ideal for this because it has texture and depth and wont be too plain or dull (the reason I ended up zoning the areas with paint previously was that a single shade throughout felt a bit boring).

I narrowed it down to five shades (Bone, Quiet, Whitewash, Mykonos, Intention) and spent some time testing them in various different spots and at differing times of the day as the changing light can make a huge difference to a paint colour.

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What is Bauwerk limewash paint?

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Bauwerk limewash paint is a completely natural and organic product, unlike the typical tins of paint that I usually use. Bauwerk explains that they make use of "clay, minerals, and beautiful natural pigments," and that their limewash is essentially a thin layer of limestone that dries on your wall by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.

Why should you stir Limewash paint?

Limewash paint separated in the tin

Don't be alarmed, by the layers of sediment when you open the tin this is completely normal and easily remedied by a quick stir. In fact, get used to stirring if you decide to use this paint as it is an essential part of the process and should really be done each time you plan to dip your brush. I used a long piece of plastic to ensure I got right to the bottom on the large tin, you could use a 'proper' paint stirrer if you have one, or even a whisk, as suggested by Bauwerk.

Is limewash any good?

Limewash paint is a great choice for both interior and exterior brick surfaces due to its natural, eco-friendly composition and unique aesthetic qualities. Made from calcium hydroxide and water, limewash reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form a durable, breathable coating that allows moisture to evaporate, thereby protecting the underlying brick. This paint provides a soft matte finish that enhances the natural colors and textures of the brick, offering a timeless, traditional appeal. Additionally, limewash is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a safer and more environmentally friendly option compared to many modern paints. Its application process, involving thin coats and the ability to touch up small sections, ensures a customizable look that can highlight the beauty of any brick home.

Romantic limewash wall with rose floral display

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