I was after some plastered Mediterranean pendants for my bedside, but couldn't find what I was looking for, I really wanted a cylindrical cone shape and they were either too expensive or not the right shape, so here is a DIY I came up with, I hope you all love it and give it a go.

A Simple Step by Step Guide

This is What you will need:

  • Lamp shade
  • Existing light fixture
  • White plaster paint
  • Plaster of Paris
  • A wet wipe
  • White flat paint ( I used ceiling  white)
I got this one from Bunnings 

I purchased These lamp shades from Bunnings, I really wanted a rustic, organic and textured plastered mediterranean look, smooth but still very organic.

Step 1. Firstly I used a plaster paint I purchased from Kmart and dabbed this on with brush, this gave me a surface for the plaster of Paris to adhere to, let this dry, for about a day.

Step 2.  I mixed the plaster of Paris with water until I got a paste like smooth consistency, I then started applying it on and once it was all covered I used a wet wipe to smooth it down.

White Plaster paint 
Plaster of Paris mix with water to a smooth consistency.

Step 3. Once you are happy with texture and look, let it dry for 24 hours before you start to apply the paint, once they are painted let them dry, for another 12 hours, then they are ready to hang.

My DIY Mediterranean Inspired Bedside Pendants

Creator Rosanna

Instagram @playa_interiors

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