Hi, I think paintings are the soul of our house, especially if you made them yourself. Thinking like this, I started making paintings that I can easily design at home for some areas in my house. This painting is one of them.

What you need;



•Acrylic Paint



First of all, I bought a 70x100 canvas. Then I applied the mortar I prepared with a mixture of plaster and water on the canvas as a thin layer as I wanted.

texture with plaster
dried form of plaster
dried form of plaster

After the plaster was set, I drew the borders of the shape I wanted on the canvas with a pencil. The next one is the easiest. It's time to paint.I used white and black color to match my house. It can be said that black and white dance in my painting.

And my textured art is ready. Believe me, it is very easy to make and very cheap. Moreover, it is a unique product because it is your design and it bears traces of you.

it is possible to see the textures in this video

Detailed construction stages are available on my Instagram address.



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