Un IKEA HACK original DIY canvas frame Mediterranean Table Lamp IKEA HACK DIY, Textured Art, Decor

Texture Art 6

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DIY canvas frame

Being an artist as well as a DIY-freak I wanted to make stylish floating frames for my paintings without compromising on the quality or my wallet. These canvas frames resemble the ones you get in a frame shop since they are sturdy, removable and elegant but at the same time,...

Mediterranean Table Lamp

Check out how I changed the look of this table lamp by wrapping jute twine & joint compound plaster. Materials 1x roll jute twine 1x tub joint compound plaster Drying time 24 to 48 hours. I used half a tub of joint compound.To fully cover, I simply applied thick...


Y aquí os traigo este súper IKEA HACK. Fácil de hacer y a tu medida. Solo necesitáis unos manteles individuales de fibras naturales, cola o silicona caliente y ya tendréis vuestra alfombra a la medida que necesitéis.

DIY, Textured Art, Decor

Hi, I think paintings are the soul of our house, especially if you made them yourself. Thinking like this, I started making paintings that I can easily design at home for some areas in my house. This painting is one of them. What you need; •Canvas •Plaster •Acrylic Paint •Brush...

DIY Unique Texture Art

Are you looking to update your home decor on a budget? Or maybe you just enjoy the satisfaction of turning something old into something new and beautiful? In this blog post, we'll show you how to revamp old furniture with just a few simple materials. Here are the...

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