Yes, you read that right. With simple steps, you can transform a worn office chair into a brand new one. All you need is some teddy fabric.
I went for blue fabric, and have now got a lovely and soft chair that looks brand new.

I will explain how I proceeded.

This is what the chair looked like. I got it for free and chose to put the new fabric on the outside.

Proceed like this:

  1. Start by attaching the fabric to the seat on the underside with staples. Use a rubber mallet to make the staples sit tight. Cut away excess fabric.

2. To make the piece of fabric that fits the seat back, I chose to attach a piece of fabric to the chair itself, and draw around.

3. Cut 2 pieces that are the front and back piece on the back of the chair. Measure with a tape measure so that you are sure that you have drawn correctly.

4. Sew all the edges around so that the fabric does not unravel.

5. Sew both fabrics together on the wrong side. Then sew one side and half the arch to the top. Thread the fabric inside out over the back of the chair and see if it fits.

6. Then sew the last part, in my case I only sewed to where the back turns in, so that I could get the piece of fabric.

7. I sewed the rest by hand.

8. I attached the underside with staples.

Wasn't it cool? I think it's so much fun that you can so easily change a chair that should actually be thrown away into a completely new chair. Hope you were inspired.

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