MIKADO AIR FRESH + VODKA From trash to treasure - Teddy chair New home office with cellular concrete Custom bespoke Ikea office bookshelf DIY Desk Project Using Pole Wrap and Resin
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From trash to treasure - Teddy chair

See more on my Instagram Yes, you read that right. With simple steps, you can transform a worn office chair into a brand new one. All you need is some teddy fabric. I went for blue fabric, and have now got a lovely and soft chair that looks brand new....

Bespoke IKEA Office Shelving

Custom cabinetry can cost an arm and a leg, especially if you want bespoke detailing. In our home office, we knew that we wanted floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with cupboards for storage. But having something like that custom-made by joiners was going to cost us thousands. We instead ended up choosing IKEA...

DIY Desk Project Using Pole Wrap and Resin

DIY enthusiasts and design lovers are always looking for new projects to take on, and one of the most popular ones these days is furniture renovation. In particular, desks have become a favourite among those looking to create a personalized workspace. One recent project that caught my attention is a...

Travertine & Pine - A match made in heaven

What I used: • x 3 @toppstiles Travertine Tiles (40x60cm) • @soudal_portugal ‘Fix all’ to bond (Already had) • x 2 Natural Pine (120x20cm) @richard_burbidge • @liberon.uk Dark Oak wood stain (Already had) Total cost: £56 How to create the Travertine and Pine Side Table: 1. Firstly, fix x 2 of...

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